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Bwokaa Wandscher



24 x 32 cm

Acrylic on paper




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C2807 - Bwokaa Wandscher (BR)


    "The pictorial research has led me to this series that 
    express my essence, landscapes of the subconscious, 
    where understanding is not necessary but feeling is.  An 
    abstract territory where there is no here or there, up or 
    down.  As in the universe, where each element is part of a 
    whole, the colors merge naturally and spontaneously, the 
    chaos is immortalized, expressing a moment in time." - Bwokaa Wandscher

  • The artwork is in excellent original condition. Further information, detailed images or the artist’s portfolio upon request.

    The artwork will be shipped from the SGA showroom in Vienna.

    Includes Certificate of Authenticity

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