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Till Steinberger

SGA Project Space



The exhibition "Vivid Realities" with works by Till Steinberger embodies diverse subjects — from satellites in orbit to microscopic wonders, from computer chips to celestial vistas. Through the lens of artificial intelligence, the artworks transcend language into visual landscapes.

"Vivid Realities" zooms in on intricate mandelbrot* and burning ship** fractals, guiding the viewer on a visual journey that goes beyond conventional perspectives. These fine art prints showcase the delicate balance between chaos and order, unveiling the hidden beauty of mathematical structures. The geometric elegance of these fractals shapes the very fabric of reality.

The video installation “Name”, designed with the Hydra visual synthesizer emulator, mirrors the fluidity of water. This versatile digital tool generates real-time visual art, allowing the artist to create dynamic and interactive visuals. The metaphorical river in this installation symbolizes the inspiring ebb and flow of matter, energy, and nutrients. Witness the mesmerizing dance of pixels, reflecting the interconnectedness of all things.

*The Mandelbrot fractal is a complex geometric shape created through a simple mathematical formula. As you zoom into its intricate patterns, self-replicating structures emerge at every level of magnification. The boundary between chaos and order is defined by the Mandelbrot set, revealing mesmerizing, infinitely detailed shapes and forms.

**The Burning Ship fractal is another captivating mathematical construct. It evolves from the Mandelbrot set, offering a unique visual perspective. In this fractal, the iterative process involves the absolute values of complex numbers, resulting in intricate, ship-like structures. Its distinct appearance adds a touch of complexity and beauty to the realm of fractal geometry.


7.12. 7-9 pm


8.12. 4-7 pm

9.12. 11-4 pm

10.12. 11-4 pm

SGA Showroom

Yppenplatz 2

1160 Wien


Till Damian Albert Urs Steinberger was born 1988 in Switzerland, grew up in Bavaria and lives in Vienna. His diverse artistic practice is strongly influenced by the interplay of nature, civilization and technology and includes graphics, print, photography, collage, textiles, music, sound and video compositions.


During his years of study, he played guitar in a metal band, including numerous live shows and an EP release in 2018. The additional creation of artworks and merchandise was crucial to him in order to obtain a wholesome musical experience. After finishing his studies in biology with a subsequent ecological engineering joint degree at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna and Lincoln University, New Zealand in 2019, he progressively moved towards his full-time practice in the field of art and design. With a strong focus on the connection of the digital and physical world, he is integrating his artistic capabilities with natural sciences and refers to the vocation “alchemist”.

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