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The exhibition curious tales by the British artist Joanna Turland (1993), is shown for the first time in Vienna. The 22 unpublished paintings tell curious stories from the artist's life and emotional world, her personal incidents, experiences, perceptions and ideas.


The emotional level plays a far more important role than rational and she uses animals, rich color schemes and her self-image to make her reflections tangible for the viewer. Animals and objects seen in the paintings are important symbolic archetypes. In Turland’s works she emphasizes the influence of the subconscious on her creative process, which guides the visual language. Her working-method is characterized by intuition.


curated by

Kulturverein culturebites


SOHO Studios, Liebknechtgasse 32, 1160 Wien

21. - 28.2.2023


21.2.2023, 7 - 9 pm


Opening hours

22.2. –  28.2.2023, 2 - 7 pm



21.2. 7 pm, Vernissage

23.2. 7 pm, Artist talk

25.2 & 26.2. 2 pm, Guided tours

27.2. 7 - 9 pm, Finissage

sponsored by the District Council - Ottakring, District Head Franz Prokop

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