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Renske Herder, born 1986 Leeuwarden,The Netherlands.

Lives and works on Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands.


Renske studied Industrial Design Engineering at The University of Twente, Enschede and Fine Art in Leeuwarden. 

Her work is about the search for her pure soul and her quest to discover how the universe works.



Copy of renske-herder-artist-painting-abstract-art-kunst-kunstenaar-80bb48cf.webp


„My body of work consists primarily of abstract and mixed media artworks. Images are always the starting point of a new work. This can be a found photo that catches my eye or a photo I took myself. I paint or draw on this image or combines several images into a new whole that expresses a certain feeling. I am always looking for images that are known and unknown at the same time or combine past and present.“ - Renske Herder

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