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Rafael Lippuner grows up in Switzerland, where in Zofingen and Lucerne his artistic practice begins. In 2019 he graduates with honors as MA in art + science at the Angewandte in Vienna and since then works as a freelance artist.


His works in the field of installation, object, video, photography and cyanotype are presented internationally in exhibitions (including parallel Vienna, MAK Vienna, Jungkunst Winterthur, Lisbon, Timișoara, Belgrade, Kotor, Karlsruhe, Mainz, HSG St.Gallen) and in 2022/23 he receives a grant from the Aargauer Kuratorium.


"We walk through our world in order to get from A to B. In the process, we embark on a journey from private to public to exclusive spaces. We use objects on the way that are indispensable for the execution of activities.  Our environment is adapted to this behavior, it follows a logic, a deeply notched trace of everyday life. Structures are repeated and limit the space of action through spatial boundaries, lines and rules, while objects expand it and become part of our body, the apparatus, in the form of a gentle, modular symbiosis. 

The relationship between human, environment and object is the starting point of my artistic intervention. Its momentum is tapped and appears symbolically elsewhere, constellations typical of the place serve as a stage. Found objects and materials are used to appropriate the everyday - through modification, through playful imitation or camouflage." - Rafael Lippuner

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