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Moe Kim (1993) is a Korean-born textile designer whose current work takes inspiration from a mix-match of traditional and unconventional concepts through colour and the material. The use of EL-wire (electroluminescent) to create a contrast to the traditional hand weaving technique describe her unique signature.
A graduate of the Dutch Royal Academy of the Arts (2019) with a degree in Textile Design, Moe Kim has her own studio in The Hague under the name M-K-T-S (Moe Kim Textile Studio). 


Her specialization is in weaving techniques, yet her design practice expresses various techniques such as hand tufting, knitting, printing, and embroidery. 
She likes to experiment with new material to create unique fabric within the aesthetic that focuses on its innovative function or sustainable methods of making and aims to find a balance in the technology, ecology and design features.



Steingast Art textile artist Moe Kim portrait