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Sara Gonçalves, 1998. Lives and works in Porto. The artist studied ballet for 12 years, which includes workshops with Pina Bausch's company and Aterballetto/Fondazione Nazionale della Danza. However, her love for painting has always been present, and since very early on it has been one of her forms of expression, and began to be the main one in the last 3 years.


She attended the Artistic School Soares do Reis, in Porto. In January 2018 she emigrated to Barcelona where she lived and worked until August 2020, when she returned to Porto and where she continues her work until today.



I paint what I see, what I feel, what I am.
I paint to rediscover the essence of a memory. Of what I am I have seen, and felt. I paint my life.
Expression and spontaneity are key elements in my work because I want to induce the observer into a dream. 
I want to create a sense of familiarity with daily objects and settings that we know but do it through a colourful and innocent lens, transporting you to the world I want to see.
A world tainted with emotion, feeling, and intuition.

- Sara Gonçalves

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