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Kristine Kutepova (1982) studied painting at the Art Academy of Latvia. Prior to that, she graduated in Engineering, Communications and Management at Riga Technical University and at Bulduri Horticultural Secondary School. 


Her artworks are very intuitive, she creates large-format wonderlands and colorful sceneries. She has had several solo, group and performance exhibitions in Latvia and abroad. 


She was awarded with a scholarship of the patron Inara Tetereva in the field of art in 2015 and received a special grant from Art Academy of Latvia in 2017.




Steingast Art Artist Kristine Kutepova portrait with painting


„My artworks, ranging from large-format wonderlands to colorful sceneries, are very intuitive. The artistic process mostly starts with a thought, an images or a sketch. I love to think about ideas; I love to search for themes and then suddenly comes the way to make it work. I need spontaneity, because it surprises me.“ - Kristine Kutepova



Solo exhibition “Another Reality”, GORS, Rezekne

Solo exhibition “Little Gardens”, M/Gallery Riga


Solo exhibition “DABAS PORTETI”Liepaja museum, Liepaja


Group exhibition Tochka, Riga

Solo exhibition “Little river” ROJAL film festival, Roja

Solo exhibition “Consciousness fixation”, Valmiera museum, Valmiera

Painting performance in  Latvija Radio concert One in studio, Riga

Valmiera city  art object opening, Valmiera

Solo exhibition “VISIONS” Riga Art place, Riga

Scenography in theatre Mihaila Chehova, performance “Every brilliant thing”, Riga


Painting performance during theatre, Dailes theatre “Stars thieves”, Riga

Solo exhibition “Consciousness fixation” gallery Museum LV Grata JJ, Riga

Art Academy of Latvia carnival 81 “Sumpurna palace” producer, Riga

Art Academy of Latvia, head of Student department, Riga


Curator and participant in group exhibition “Modern mythology”  Carnikava cultural center, Carnikava

Curator Latvija Loto, Art Acadamy of Latvia, Riga 

Organization and produce -Art Academy of Latvia  and The Saeima, The parliament of Republic of Latvia collaboration

Group exhibition , Gattopardo II Palermo-Riga-Vienna, Palermo, Italy

Group exhibition in Art Academy of Latvia and proffesor Aleksejs Naumovs exhibition„Kunstakademie Lettland”, Kreis Gütersloh „Kunstakademie Lettland”, Germany

Art Academy of Latvia carnival 81 “White hole” producer, Riga   

Art Academy of Latvia, head of Student department, Riga

Journalist in Latvian radio LR3  


Group exhibition “Generation” Liepaja museum, Liepaja

Group exhibition Insignia galerija, Cesis, Latvia

Solo exhibition “Consciousness fixation”, Radisson Blue Elizabete, Riga, Latvia

Group exhibition “Art days in Acadamy”, Riga, Latvia

Group exhibition “SEB Grand in Art”, Riga, Latvia



Performance “Illusion” in opening of main building of Latvian National Museum of Art,  Riga, Latvia

Group exhibition “Students’ Diaries” Art Station Dubulti, Jurmala, Latvia


Exhibition KID* bar- restaurant "Mountain" , Riga , Latvia

Group exhibition “Plein air Malpils 2015” Malpils Culture center , Malpils, Latvia

Performance “Dizzy carpet”  together with AKA Latvia union, Salacgriva, Latvia

Solo exhibition “33” Zunda Garden, Riga, Latvija

Group exhibition “Material variation” Artists’ Union of Latvia gallery, Riga, Latvia

Latvia Textile Art group exhibition Vitebsk Museum of Modern Art,  Vitebska, Belarus

“LMA Textile” group exhibition Gederta Eliasa Jelgava History and Art Museum, Jelgava,     Latvija

“LMA Textile” group exhibition Valmiera Museum , Valmiera, Latvia


Performance “Art mess”  Artists’ Union of Latvia "White night 2014", Latvia

Group exhibition “Textile in Acadamy, Riga, Latvia

International Peat Symposium- group exhibition, presentation in scientific conference , Riga,   Latvia

Charity campaign “Check breast for living!” exhibition   "Galeria Centr" "Woman. Breast. Health." with  charity given painting, Riga, Latvia

Exhibition “Nature in my maind” KID* bar- restaurant, Riga, Latvia

Amber fiber  workshop Latvian Museum of Natural History, Riga, Latvia


 Art Academy of Latvia carnival decoration

 Anete Krisjanova fashion show ” Banquet. Cemetery festival 2013” scenography

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