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Born in 1993/26/08

from Republic of Moldova city Chisinau

Based in Romania Bucharest




2020 - 2021

PhD researcher


01/10/2018 - 01/07/2020

University of arts Bucharest

Master sculpture


2017- 2018

PXL University Belgium

Master sculpture


01/10/2014 - 01/07/2017

University of arts Bucharest 

Licence sculpture

01/09/ 2009 - 31/05/2013

College of art ‘ Alexandru Plamadeala’

Artist plastic



"A piece of art is defined by the artist's effort or approach to the creative process. Especially in the case of sculpture, the way the artist acts on the material at hand is crucial to the final result. Each movement influences the next one until the art object becomes finished. The artist’s mark is made through the techniques employed and the manner of working. This artistic process is what characterizes a particular artist and, ultimately, defines and labels his work. Spontaneity evolves into creative events. These formative creative events should be appreciated in a time that always seems to be looking for new trends, techniques and original means of creation, even though much expression has already been named and sealed.

The intervention and manipulation of the material and how this approach determines the creation of an artist’s imprint. Artists depend on their materials and their materials depend on them. In other words, there exists a reciprocal relationship based on the intervention of the artist and the characteristics of the material undergoing transformation. The inherent features of a material allow different interventions by the artist and it is open to manipulation until the moment the artist decides that it is perfect. These interventions, which can have different natures, transform the material into a personal creation of the one who originally saw opportunity in the material. Free improvisation. Improvisation is spontaneous, unplanned or free creativity. It is characterized by a spontaneous creation, often ad-hoc, without prior preparation of the act or the object. There are similarities in creative strategies between spontaneous expression and free improvisation. The extent to which philosophical foundations and strategies resulting from them can be used in free expression reveal the philosophical basis of this artistic discipline. "Method for method" can help generate a strategy for developing and improving improvisation skills among contemporary artists thus contributing to the development of a contemporary method of free improvisation.

I used the approach of this working method to create something spontaneous, something in real time, something "now". I try experimenting with different materials from which, in the end, I can obtain spontaneous forms without my involvement. As an example, I used latex gloves, an object with a well-defined shape and use. The flexible glove, made of a latex type material, was filled with liquid plaster, stretched and modified to the maximum, creatively deformed to obtain shapes that only remind of the original object. I like the idea of creative distraction to achieve something else and intuitive process with a spontaneous result. This is how I pursue “my art.” " - Soltan Anton

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