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Born 1999, Brussels, Belgium

Lives and works in Brussels



École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de la Cambre, Brussels

Solo Exhibitions

Untitled, Maison Tenaerts, Sep, Brussels, BE

That’s not a mockup curated by Notre Dit, Diplomatic Hosts,

Apr, Brussels, BE

Poétique du silence, The green Corridor, Jan, Brussels, BE

Screenshot Paintings, Barbara Club, Nov, Brussels, BE

I Love Paris, The Pole Gallery Paris, Jul, Paris, FR

Group Exhibitions

I think I’ve been there before, KCCC Klaipeda and Krupa Art Gallery Founda- tion curated by Natalia Barczyńska, Mai, Klaipėda, LTI

Expo 4, La galerie du Montparnasse, Mai, Paris, FR

Insights Inside, Blossom Art Agency, An- necy, Mar, FR

Radiant Nights curated by Please Add Color,

De Singel, Feb, Antwerp, BE

Art au Centre, Feb, Liège, BE

Untitled, curated by Blossom Art

Agency, Annecy, Feb, FR

Wander Lines, Blossom Art Agency, Nov, Paris, FR

Ich bin das problem, Abbaye de la Cambre, Nov, Brussels, BE

Manger l’autre, Les Îles Mardi, Oct, Brussels, BE

What remains, Nostrum Gallery, Oct, Wavre, BE

Conservator, Residence Bouchor, Oct, Paris, FR



Residence L’Abbaye de la Prée, Ségry, FR


The green Corridor, Brussels, BE. Residence Bouchor, Paris, FR



Paintings 2019-2021

210 x 148 mm, 120 pages English, Edition Of 100,

Published by Galerie Devint


Jean-Baptiste Carrobolante, « Lieux communs et idées reçues »



The artistic practice of Belgian artist Hadrien Loumaye is essentially focused on the relationship between gesture and color. The movement is the direct witness of a certain physical energy breathed into each creative act. The various color arrangementys present in the paintings are arranged in such a way as to produce an emotive effect on the viewer. There is an apparent contradiction between the tenderness of certain colors and the sometimes primitive gestures of certain works. The affective dimension of the different paintings is one of the guiding threads of the work with the development of sensitivity being one of the main objectives. There is a desire to get closer to the freest expression of a psychology, to give shape to a transparent state. The painting experimentation takes different forms ranging from paintings to murals. This allows to play with different scales and supports with their own singularities. Certain pictorial gestures are reused in other mediums such as drawing in an attempt to approach these artistic disciplines differently.

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