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Born in Munich, lives and works in Vienna.

After an education in fashion and studies in communication design in Hamburg, until 2019, she studied abstract painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

In her serial series of works Susanna Klein deliberately uses already existing materials, in addition to photographs, found objects, fabrics or drawings, remnants of previous works also form the beginning of the discovery process. The use of natural materials, their resource-saving application as well as the cycle of nature are central aspects of her artistic work. 

In practice, Susanna Klein uses various processes and techniques - cyanotype, bleaching and dyeing with self-produced natural dyes as well as traditional painting techniques such as oil painting and glue tempera.





„I currently arrange my artistic creation according to the seasons. With the applied technique cyanotype it feels to me as if I’m working directly with nature. It's a laborious process but at the same time it gives a lot of structure. During spring and summer I am outside on discovery for plants, animals or even garbage remains and then expose the prepared canvases. In autumn and winter I process the prints and paint in the studio.“ - Susanna Klein

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