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Gemma Alpuente (Algemesí - 1993) is a young Valencian artist who develops a very personal pop / street style, through color, visual registers and three-dimensionality. Her theoretical training includes several university degrees. Firstly, the Degree in Fine Arts, having been her goal from a very early age, secondly the Degree in CRBBCC both in the Faculty of San Carlos (UPV) motivated by the need to dimension the importance of Cultural Heritage in society and finally the Master in Education, specialization in art in the Faculty of Teaching (UV) motivated by the growing link with the dissemination of art, culture and knowledge for its application to the official academic environment.


Despite her youth, she has been developing for years in the Valencian art circuit and has recently made the leap to the national and international market. Her works have found a place in different collections in Spain, Europe and Asia. She is currently represented by various prestigious galleries such as Shiras and Saisho in national territory (Valencia and Madrid) or SGA in international territory, specifically in Austria.

Her vocation is artistic-plastic research, which has led her to work in a multidisciplinary way, exploring and using different materials, formats and techniques to develop her own characteristic work method. In addition to developing her own research, she has found in the dissemination of her knowledge an aspect of work with which to combine her professional growth.

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I understand art, and more specifically artistic creation, as a research method in which to develop new concepts and visual, plastic and material frameworks. In the current period of artistic and personal maturity in which I find myself, I am developing my most intimate artistic project; taking this study to the field of contemporary art, in order to explore various lines of work. On the one hand, purely abstract creation and on the other hand, mixed creation, interspersing my particular abstraction with more figurative elements and representations. Dedicating special elaboration to the creative process; my interest in the final work focuses on the conception of it as "that physical and tangible" that has resulted from the set of knowledge, actions, techniques and chance given in the course of the creation of the work; a symbiosis that reaffirms the conception that each piece is unique in all its plastic and conceptual magnitudes.

Today, I have found in abstract art an aspect of work in which I feel completely free creatively and identified conceptually. Through the development of my own technique I create artistic compositions based on the simplicity of the gestural and chromatic act that intend to go a step further: the painting becomes volume, the brushstroke becomes the protagonist, the collage becomes a fundamental element, the process is frozen and the works emanate life and movement. All this practice is synthesized in pieces that manage to stop the matter in an exact point; because the color stains that would come off, do not, the liquid instead of evaporating remains solidified, and the two-dimensional recovers presence. Masses of colors, textures, and chromatisms intertwine forming volumes and forms that constitute my own plastic identity. - Gemma Alpuente

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