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ARTIST TALK | 3 questions for Rachele Moriggi

For the past year, Rachele Moriggi has been shooting exclusively analogue.

She has a soft spot for half-frame cameras and Revolog films (special effects films).

What is the basis for your art? What do you start with?

I'm inspired by everything geometric and minimalist. Clean shapes. No embellishments. And shadows. Shadows of buildings on other buildings. Geometric and contrasting shadows.

What does your creative process look like?

I shoot almost exclusively analog with a 35mm format camera and a fixed focal length (50mm / 1.4). Photographing architectural details with a fixed focal length is not always easy, but extremely exciting. It forces me to reduce the details that are important to me to a very limited crop.

What inspires you?

I always have my camera with me. Or, rather, my cameras. The 35mm format, a Minolta xg9, and a half-frame, Yashica Mimy. Most of the photos are taken in everyday life. I like to walk very much and very long; long walks in the urban landscape are the main source of my inspiration.

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