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Tension – Chaos – Normality

"WHITE KNUCKLE GRIP" explores a journey into tension and release, dissecting chaos, anger, and growth. Through satire, it tackles the digital world, stubbornness, and imposed beliefs in our evolving and devolving social landscape. The artworks by Emily Brooks Millar explore concepts of 'alpha males,' traditional families, and propaganda, juxtaposing child-like illustrations with nightmarish realism in character portrayal. It delves into themes of conformity, performative actions, and primal instincts.

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Groß (catalogue1).jpeg

Have you ever experienced that sudden instinctive feeling of adrenaline rushing through your toes?

An uncontrollable primal feeling quickens your step and makes you clench your fists. You begin to question everything that you had not questioned before. You imagine that you have the strength to protect humanity from natural disasters, acts of violence or warlike conflicts.


it’s getting hot in here (so take off all your clothes)

42 x 59 cm, Acrylic on MDF, 2023


42 x 59 cm, Acrylic on MDF, 2021


30 x 90 cm, Acrylic on MDF, 2023

boo to a goose

30 x 30 cm, Acrylic on MDF, 2023

Or have you ever let your instincts guide you?

Your hormones influence your decisions. A primal instinct that goes beyond your emotions and drives you to violence. In moments of tension and excitement, your fist becomes tighter and your knuckles whiten.


59 x 42 cm, Acrylic on MDF 2023

For me the whole theme around “white knuckle grip” is based almost entirely around the idea of tension and discomfort. I feel that the physical action of clenching fists is a really good universal symbol of expressing frustration and annoyance.


I wanted to embody the moment before chaos, before a fight or before violence. And when it comes to imagery, I think there is also something quite cartoon-like about it- which is always fun.



alpha zoo

125 x 95 cm, Acrylic on MDF 2023


jimbo was murdered

125 x 95 cm, Acrylic on MDF 2023



125 x 95 cm, Acrylic on MDF 2023

EBM_I got shot but I never died.jpg

The exhibition addresses the notion of the "alpha male", traditional family structures and conservative propaganda images that are distributed and reinforced by harnessing the digital world.


Aesthetic contrasts in the portrayal of the characters are striking, where childlike illustrations and nightmarish realism are juxtaposed. This conveys a message about conformity, performative acts and the untamed nature of man.


"White knuckle grip" is an exhibition that raises profound questions and encourages the viewer to reflect on the complexity and multi-layered nature of human experience.

the island

45 x 57 x 4 cm

Acrylic on Artists former kitchen table, 2023

Spaceman Jeff

42 x 59 cm, Acrylic and ink on MDF, 2023

good morning mr magpie, good morning mrs magpie

94 x 122 cm, Acrylic on MDF, 2023


21.10. 7-9 pm


22.10. 12-6 pm

23.-25.10 3-8 pm

26.10. 12-6 pm


22.10. 4 pm


25.10. 7 pm

SGA project space

Yppenplatz 2

1160 Wien


Emily Brooks Millar is a visual artist based in Glasgow, Scotland, whose work primarily focuses on British and American political issues.


A dark sense of humour and satire are present throughout her work, where an illustrative style sheds light on complex topics. Through paint, illustration and animation, her pieces are underpinned by her background in Oral History. As winner of the Neil Rafeek Prize (2022), she translates extensive interviewee discussions into creations for mass audiences. Alongside this, she is heavily inspired by current internet culture, identity and user interaction. 


Clients include: BBC, Image Comics, Netflix and The Big Issue. 

EBM_Portrait_White knuckle grip_exhibition.jpeg



A limited edition of 35 prints from four motifs each are available in formats A4 and A2 to purchase from 20 October on. 



Once purchased, we will start production on demand, which will take up to 10 days . Each work will be numbered and certificates of origin hand-signed by the artist.



Each print will be carefullv packaged tor shipment. Customers will be contacted with a tracking number before their work is shipped.

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